Solidworks 2020 File Utilities

In Solidworks 2020, Solidworks Explorer is no longer available. It has been replaced by File Utilities. 
There are two ways to access the utility tab for File Utilities:

  1. From file explorer
  2. From Solidworks software under task pane.
  1. To check/access the utility tab through file explorer, select and right-click on a Solidworks file.
  • If Solidworks Tab is missing in the windows tab Use "Open with" and select Choose another App. Pick SW launcher and "Always use this app."

The purpose of this tab is to save time, and you can use this quick access tools to share or modify Solidworks files without opening/loading software/files.
Parts, Assembly, Drawing files (.SLDPRT, .SLDASM, .SLDDRW) and select: Pack and Go
Rename, Replace, Move, File Locations.
Image3,1 ( image 3,1 next to each other layer view)

  1. To access from Solidworks software under task pane


Download Link for File Utilities  and follow steps as per screen image

Or during installation, you can select Solidworks utilities from the drop-down selection.