Symbol Generation Wizard 

To ease the workload associated with creating component symbols, Solidworks PCB 2018 provides an advanced Schematic Symbol Generation Tool, based on a symbol wizard interface and pin editor dialog. This features automatic symbol graphic generation, grid pin tables and smart data paste capabilities.

After reviewing this document, you will learn to:

  • Access the Symbol Generation Wizard
  • Enter pin information in the Grid Pin Table
  • Paste smart data from Excel


1. To access the Symbol Generation Wizard, you must be in the Schematic Library editor. Once in the editor, go to the Tools tab, and select Symbol Wizard.


2. The Symbol settings can be change on the left side of the window. This is where you can configure the Pin Number, as well as the Pin Layout style. The Pin Data is where you will populate information of the pins of the symbol. 


3. In the Pin Data grid, you can also configure the pin's Electrical type. Multi-select can be used for quick configuration.  


4. You can also use Smart Paste to paste values that you have copied on your clipboard from MicroSoft Excel. 


5. When you have populated all of your data, select Place, and Place Component. If this symbol is being used in a Multi-Part symbol, select Place Part


Watch this video for an overview of the Symbol Generation Wizard:


Jamey Larocque

SolidWorks ECAD Technical Specialist

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