How to create missing sizes in SolidWorks Hole wizard?

Yes, you can add custom hole sizes to the Hole Wizard database. So, let’s see how we can add M30 x 1.5 custom tapped hole.

  1. To add a missing tap size M30x1.5, we need to know the thread data standard specification.  (Feel free to google about the value)

Size- M30

Thread Diameter- 30

Advance- 1.5

Thread Minor Dia-28.86

Thread Minor Dia inside- 28.67

Tap Drill-28.5


2. Now we need to go to Tools >Options> HoleWixard> Toolbox



3. Click on Configure.

4. Select Ansi Metric folder> Tapped Hole

5. Start under the sizes area and click the “+” to add a new size.

6. Input your Size, Pitch and Diameter.



7. Your new size will be added to the list. Next, we’ll do the same thing by going to the Thread Data category and adding a new size here as well, using the same process as before.

Please, SAVE! the data.

8. Now go add a new hole wizard hole and you’ll see your new size shown in the dropdown.