Title Block Setup

Title Blocks are a crucial part to a project’s documentation. It commonly includes information on the Company, Client, Revision number, and more. When these drawings are given to workers on the shop floor, or to stakeholders, they need to be easy to read and contain the proper information.

After reviewing this document, you will learn to:

  • Create a new Title Block for a Cover Page and Drawing
  • Modify a Title Block with Attributes, Images and Text
  • Use our Title Block in a new or existing project


Creating a New Title Block for Cover Page

1. A new Title Block is created through the Title Blocks Manager, under the Library menu.

2. When the Title block manager is open, click New to create a new Title Block.

3.The Title Block properties allows us to populate information we want to associate to our Title Block. You can change the Name, Description, Library and more. Click OK when finished.


Modify a Title Block with Attributes, Images and Text

1. You will now notice the newly created Title block in the Title Block Manager. To edit an existing Title Block, right-click the Title Block and Open.

2. If starting a Title Block from scratch, rectangles, lines and more can be drawn in the Draw menu. 

3. In this case, we will modify an existing Title Block to save time on re-drawing the Title block. Right-click to Open the Title Block.

Note: The process is the same for a Cover Page or for a Drawing. The benefit to the Title blocks included in SolidWorks Electrical, is that we can modify an existing Title block to fit our needs which saves us from re-drawing the Title Block from scratch.



4. With the Title Block open, you will notice a few things:

  • The list of attributes on the left-side panel
  • The Title Block itself in the Graphics Area
  • The Title Block Properties on the right-side panel

To place attributes into the Title Block, you can double left-click the attribute from the list of attributes on the left side panel, or you can Insert Attributes from the Edit Title Block menu. Text can also be added from the Draw menu.



5. Left-click to place the Attribute or Text into the Title Block. The Attribute (in this example, Customer Name) will pull the data from the Project properties.



6. Lines, Attributes, and other objects can be modified or moved at any time when editing the Title Block. The Move command can be found in the Modify menu. Save your Title Block when finished.



7. Row and Column Attributes are important in Title Blocks. They represent a designated location on the drawing that will be helpful when using Origin/Destination arrows, component locations and more.

    To add Row and Column Attributes, go to the Edit Title Block menu and select Insert Attribute. Row and Column attributes can be found in the Miscellaneous folder.



8.Place the attributes into the Title block with the left-click. When adding Rows and Columns, be sure to check each box in the Title Block properties. This will take the Row and Column attributes into consideration in the actual Drawing.

Note: If Rows and Columns are checked, and no attributes are added for Rows and Columns, the application will know the locations in the drawing sheets for Origin and Destination areas for example. If the Row and Columns are not checked, the drawing sheet will not show the locations. Attributes will show the Row and Column on the outside of the sheet


9. If you would like to add an image, a company logo for example, this can be done by using the Insert Image command in the Draw menu. The image must be in Bitmap format.


10. Specify the Insertion Point coordinates and scale of image. Rescaling can be done once the image is placed.


Using a Title Block in a Project

1. It is a simple process to select the Title Block of our choice in our project. With the Documents tab enabled, right-click the Cover Page or desired drawing, select Title Block and Replace.


2. In the Title Block Selector, select the desired Title Block, and click Select.

3. The new changes (in this case, Customer Name) will appear on your Cover Page or drawing.


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Jamey Larocque

SolidWorks Electrical Specliast