a. Open SQL Server Management Studio from Start Menu:

b. In SQL server management studio, select the relevant database engine and log in as the system administrator:

c. In Object Explorer Panel, Expand Management, Right-click on Maintenance Plans, Select Maintenance Plan Wizard and Click Next

d. 1) Run the plan as a SQL server Agent Service Account

    2)Choose whether to select single schedule for the entire plan or different schedule is to be specified for different tasks   

    3) Specify the schedule

e. 1) Specify schedule type. In this case I have set it as recurrent.

    2) Set the frequency for the tasks. Best practice is to run the tasks on daily basis

    3) Specify the time at which to run the tasks. Off-work hours is the best time.

    4) Specify the start and the end date.

f. 1) Select the set of tasks to be run as a part of the maintenance plan. It is a good practice to check the integrity of the database and rebuild index along with backing up the database

    2)Click Next

g. Set select databases(1,2 and 3) from the pool of databases to be checked the integrity of. It is generally a good practice to back up the file vault database and ConisioMasterDb

h. Select the same set of databases for rebuilding the index.

i. Select the same set of databases for backing up. Go to destination tab to specify the location where backups are supposed to be saved.

j. 1) Click to browse to the desired location where the media is to be saved

   2) Select the location

   3) Click ok

   4) Click Next

k. Check the option to write text reports about the progress of daily tasks:

l. Verify the maintenance plan and click Finish. The maintenance plan has been deployed now.