Terminal Strip Automation

When it comes to adding Terminal Strips into your schematic, or generating Terminal Strip drawings, this can be a lengthy and error-prone process. SolidWorks Electrical allows us to automate our Terminal Strips, as well as our drawings.

After reviewing this document, you will learn to:

  • Insert a Terminal Strip into a Schematic
  • Add Manufacturer parts to our Terminal Strip
  • Create Bridges
  • Automatically Generate a Terminal Strip drawing


Inserting a Terminal Strips into a Schematic

1. The Terminal Strips can only be inserted into a Line Diagram or Scheme document. In a Scheme document, the command “Insert Terminal” or “Insert ‘n’ Terminals” can be found under the Schematic tab.

2. After selecting the “Insert ‘n’ Terminals” command, the Terminal Insertion command window will appear and you can start to draw your Terminal Strip. The Terminal Strip is started by drawing a vertical line in between the components you would to have as the Origin and Destination. Use the Left-mouse click to start and end the line.

3. After drawing your vertical line, you will be prompted with a small red arrow. This is an Orientation arrow that will determine the Origin and Destination of the Terminal Strip connections. After choosing the Orientation, click OK (all terminals) when the Component Properties panel appears.


Add Manufacturer parts to our Terminal Strip

1. We can add Manufacturer Parts in the Terminal Strip Editor. Right-click the Terminal Strip and “Edit Terminal Strip X" to access the editor.

2. Right-click on any blank cell under “Reference” to Assign or Remove a Manufacturer Part.


Create Bridges

1. To create bridges (also known as Jumpers) for terminals with multiple connections, select all commonly connected terminals in the Terminal Strip Editor, right-click and “Create Bridge”.

Automatically generate a Terminal Strip drawing

1. Once you’re satisfied with the configuration of your Terminal Strip, we can Generate the Terminal Strip Drawing with the “Generate Drawings” button.

2. Choose the location in which you would like to place the Terminal Strip drawing. A new folder can be created to store the drawing.

3. The Terminal Strip drawing has now been generated and is included in the associated folder of your project book.


Watch this quick video on SolidWorks Electrical Terminal Strip Automation:


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